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The Philippines has a very rich and colorful tradition.  Through four centuries of colonization, our people have evolved a distinct and recognizable identity curiously set apart from the basic character of her Asian brothers.  We are East, yet too, we are West.  In this admixture, we find a diversity, and the commonality, a condition that social scientists have termed “Unity in Diversity”.

The birth of Kaisahan ng Lahi stems from the cooperation, collective and strength and dedication of young, well-traveled artists highly trained to portray the complexity of Filipino culture through music and dance.  Musicians, dancers and choreographers combined and organized themselves to continue the legacies, tradition and culture of Philippine Arts based on camaraderie, trust and discipline.  Despite the differences in belief and lifestyle, the Kaisahan’s spirit of working together in dance unites our nation as one tribe, the same spirit that Mommy Urtula (Dr. Lucresia Reyes-Urtula, National Artist for Dance) has imparted to most of its members.

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name: rachelle

comment: Kaisahan ng Lahi Dance Ensemble , great job! salamat sa pagtanghal nyo ng "JOURNEY TO THE PHILIPPINES" sa Batangas State University - Main Campus... marami kaming natutunan sa mga ipinakita nyo tulad ng pagpapahalaga sa kalikasan at ang mga kultura ng Pilipino... salamat din sa mga aral, tawanan, at syemre ang kiligan... sana makapagtanghal uli kayo sa BSU ... maraming salamat muli at mabuhay kayo ! :)

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